Daily achievements
35000 tokens
weekly prize pool
50 winners
selected randomly
100 tokens to each
New contest “daily achievements”!

Each day, 50 random members who've performed all tasks of the day will receive 100 Tokens!

If you are among the lucky winners, you will be notified about the prize via your account inbox!

Perform all tasks of the day and get a chance to win!

28 February 2020

Spend at least 1 minute in a private chat!
Pick a model
Play «Dice» with any model!
Pick a model
Send «Love» to at least three models!
Pick a model
Spend 10 Tokens on tips in the mobile version of the site!
Winners for 27 February
Winners for 27 February 2020
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Winners for 26 February 2020
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Winners for 25 February 2020
Contest conditions
Terms and details of the daily achievements contest
Each day, 50 members randomly selected from the total number of those who've performed all tasks of the day receive 100 Tokens to their balance.
All winners will be notified about their victory via website inbox and will receive a link for claiming the prize.
A day is counted form 00:00 to 23:59 (GMT+3).
Needteennow has the right to change or cancel contest conditions at any time at its sole discretion.
Needteennow has the right to deprive of reward and disqualify any participant who has been spotted in some fraudulent activity, as well as to exclude the member from competition without explainig the reason.